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01 September 2008 @ 08:25 pm
No surprise that it took me this long to find a Subaru community - it took me longer to get a Subaru in the first place!

We got our Subaru Forester for our anniversary, which is on December 27th. I bought it on the 24th, after shopping for a few weeks. Since the dealership was having a short day for Christmas Eve, they had to hurry up and get me out of there so that they could leave. That helped me to pretty much name my own price. Car salesmen are really not fun to deal with, I had previously found, but this one was great. He had only been selling cars for a few months, and previously worked with computers! My kind of guy! LOL

It's a 2008 Forester 2.5X, Dark Gray Metallic. It looks almost black, but dark bluish/purplish when it is bright outside. My husband was at work when I bought it, but I took the salesman with me to his work to show him when test-driving it. I got it at a Northern California dealer.

I haven't made big changes to it, just put an Aztec blanket on the back seat and bought a steering wheel cover right away. It gets so hot here that I started getting them long ago, so that the wheel wouldn't be so hot. This one actually somewhat fails at that, but I love the looks of it, and of steering wheel covers in general.

The tires squeal. They are Yokahamas, and should be good, but I will be glad to replace them when the time comes if it will make for a lack of squealing. Supposedly, this is common, but it is really annoying. Not so annoying that I will pay money to replace new tires, though. ;) When I do that, I'll maybe get some wheels too, to replace the hubcaps.

We haven't done freeway driving, just city, and I get 19 mpg generally. Using the air conditioning a lot takes 1 or 2 off that. Previously, we had a Ford Escort that got 24-26 city, and before that a Toyota Camry that did not get any better than this Subaru - it usually got 17 mpg city. I think the gas mileage is appropriate for this type of vehicle, but that Camry was a big disappointment. I liked the Ford a lot for what it was.

Hooray for Subarus, and Subaru communities! :D
02 June 2008 @ 06:38 pm

Subaru RWD coupe will be sold worldwide, Toyota version only in Japan

Posted May 28th 2008 8:01AM by Damon Lavrinc

Inside Line is reporting that the new, RWD coupe being developed by Subaru and Toyota will only be sold as a Subaru in markets outside of Japan, while the Toyota version will remain exclusive to the Land of the Rising Sun. Click here to read the rest of this article...Collapse )

Uhhhh, I have to go change my panties now.
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05 February 2008 @ 12:09 pm
Alright, I have a silver 1986 Subie GL stationwagon, 4X4 and a 1.8.

I've had this thing for years now, and I don't seem to be getting rid of it, and I think I may just upgrade it some, it's in dire need! Everything is pretty much stock.

So, I'm not sure where to start! Finding parts for it is a pain, so if there is any place that sells parts that are somewhat interchangeable with other cars would be great. Or websites! That would be good to. I'm at a loss.
03 October 2007 @ 08:19 am

A friend is willing to sell me his '98 Forester (which has a blown engine but no other problems) for cheap, and I'm being very tempted by his offer.

I'm wondering if you guys can tell me, are there any major issues with that model year?

Getting a replacement engine is not a problem, but I was wondering what kinds of engines I can shoehorn into this thing. Can I fit a turbo engine in it?
18 May 2007 @ 03:52 pm
1. 2006
2. Forester
3. Kind of metallic brass/grey
4. Portland, OR, USA
5. added various stickers, so far
Currently a student of chiropractic.  Cat owner, animal lover, defender of human rights.  
Received my sub as a gift from my grandma after her doctor told her she couldn't drive anymore due to poor eyesight.  Drove it all the way from NH to CO, then from CO to OR.  Loving all the places to store stuff!

(Hope it is not frowned on to combine intro & ...)

So, my request is about information - either to help in possibly diagnosing/fixing my baby or in directing me someplace else where I might get that info.
I had a flat on Tuesday.  Changed the tire to the spare and dutifully inserted the spare fuse into the FWD fuse spot to disable the AWD.  (It takes a 10 fuse, btw, since that info doesn't seem to be in the owner's manual.)  Got new tire, removed spare, installed new tire, removed spare fuse from FWD spot.  
Now my dash lights don't work, and the passenger air bag (or maybe both air bags) are disabled/not working.  AirBag light on dash is illuminated, and the AirBag Off light is illuminated in the center dash, even with a passenger in the passenger seat, belted in.  I just spent $150 on a new tire, and not only am I poor to begin with but my wallet was just stolen Monday, so I'd rather not take it in to a dealership and spend a million dollars if it's something totally simple.  I already tried changing fuses 11 (SRS) and 12 (illumination control) to no avail.  Fuse 6 (also SRS) seems like it doesn't want to be taken out, so I just left it.  It's hard for me to imagine how the airbag and dash lights could be connected to the flat, except that they both worked until I took out the spare fuse from the FWD spot so...
Any ideas anyone?

11 May 2007 @ 10:45 am
1. 1983 (with 302,000 miles)
2. GL 4x4 wagon
3. cream yellow (soon to be repainted)
4. Sandy, OR

My scooby is pretty much stock.
Kinda have to keep it that way so I can continue to run it in the stock class at RallyCross events.
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