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Subaru Joint

For Subaru Owners

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The Subaru Joint is a Community for Subaru owners. Anyone may join as long as they own a Subaru. Any type, any color, any year.

My name is Ric, and I am the admin! When I got my first Subaru, a 1990 Legacy TZ wagon I came across this and many other communities. Later on, I decided to get a 1990 Legacy GT wagon. To further the fustration of my neighbours and parents I got an '86 Leone RX/II Coupe, really crowding the street now! When the GT got T boned I transfered the running gear and some interior to a 1990 Legacy RS-RA body. Later, I scrapped the Sedan (twisted chassis anyone?) and then got another 1990 Legacy GT, this time an auto. Sadly I stoved the front end in and it's now a paperweight on wheels.
The original owner of this community, Betina got a bit busy and asked me to run it. I've preserved her little blurb below:

My name is Betina, and I am the mod. I came about starting this community when i brought my baby. I'm the proud owner of a 1997 Subaru Imperza Outback Sport. When I got it afew of my fellow Subaru owning friends deemed me a member of the unoffical Subaru Club. I'm just making it Offical.


You must own a Subaru to join
Okay, not really. But it helps.

Use LJ cuts for multiple photos
Just keeps the main page tidy and reduces the load time. If you don't know how, don't ask me because I can't remember myself! If you're really stuck, I'll have a try fixing your post for you, but no promises I'll get it right!

No spam
Spam, and I'll kill you. Then I'll ban you. Simple as that. If you want to promote an event that's automotive related, go for it. But I'm not interested in winning a free Ipad, or a greencard.

SFW images only
There are plenty of other communities for that kind of shit. However if you have pictures of lovely ladies (or gents if you prefer) posing on a Subaru then show 'em off. As long as the subjects aren't showing off too much themselves.

Don't cry if you get banned
I'm pretty relaxed about things. It's the internet, it's not serious business for me. But if you do stupid shit then I will ban you and I will continue eating my cereal. But if you think I'm being a cunt, please let me know and plead your case.

Your first post should be about yo whip, bro!
Not really a rule as such, but if you feel inclined to post about your car first, try to include the following:
1. Year
2. Model
3. Color
4. Location
5. Anything you have done to it to make it different/not stock.
6. Then tell us a little bit about yourself.

Feel free to post anything about your car. Updates, questions...anything!